"It is as if many have again ignored the fact that an attack on the freedom of individuals threatens the freedom of all"   

Václav Havel


The goal of Iron Sky Film Festival is to bring people together who care about the fight against corruption and for freedom of press. We show movies that inspire debate and offer a friendly environment for open discussion. 


17 November english subtitiles 

This documentary film follows Vladimir Mečiar, former Slovak prime minister, and his impact on Slovak society, including the personal life of the author.  

Produced by Tereza Nvotová (with HBO Europe)

Nemoc tretej moci 

17 November english subtitiles

Nemoc třetí moci (Disease of the Third Power) is the result of a stunning expedition of Zuzanna Puissi, investigative journalist, to an area where a judge has to be another judge's judge.

Produced by Zuzanna Puissi

Co dokáže lež

18 November english subtitiles

Co dokáže lež (The Power of Lies ) is an investigation into the origin of fake news, information wars and the influence of disinformation in the Czech Republic. 

Produced by Tomáš Jelínek and Jakub Vrbík

Selský rozum

18 November english subtitiles

Selský rozum (Peasant Common Sense) is the result of nearly three-year gathering of material in the Czech countryside on the lives of farmers and the consequences of Andrej Babiš' commercial and political activities on Czech agriculture.

Produced by Vít Janeček and Zuzana Piussi