The Iron Curtain has fallen, but the corruption lingers above us as a heavy Iron Sky

On 21st of February, a 27-year-old Slovak investigative journalist Jan Kuciak was shot at his home together with his fiancée. Jan was writing about corruption and had been looking into suspected corruption cases within high political figures in Slovakia. His death brought hundreds of thousands of Slovaks together for the largest street protests since the 1989. People felt what it means to be active citizens and understood, for a little while, what democracy really means. We, Slovaks and Czechs living in The Netherlands also mobilized and organized 5 peaceful gatherings with up to 150 participants, on a call for fair and democratic society.

We think that when all pillars of governance are abused by corruption, and journalists who write about it are being killed, the situation is truly critical. Even though the momentum of protests is gone, we think that the need for discussion and a dialog is stronger than ever. That is why we decided to build on the network from the protests and organise the Iron Sky Film Festival. We want to create a space to talk about changes in these young democracies as well as start an intercultural exchange between Dutch people and Eastern Europeans to deepen their understanding and eventually learn one from another.

The Iron Curtain has fallen, but the corruption lingers above us as a heavy Iron Sky.

Debates and guests 
Alena Lenkova 
Ruzena Kozeluhova

Jan Petrus 

PR + social media
Maria Mikulcova

Festival Coordination
Diana Quirschfeld

Igor Kupec


Menno Wielhouwer