Gabriel Šipoš

Director of Transparency International Slovakia. Before joining TI, Gabriel worked at the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms as analyst, focusing mainly on monitoring media ethics and professionalism in the Slovak Press Watch blog.

Peter Kopecký

Professor of Political Science and co-editor of the journal 'East European Politics'. He focuses on political parties and party systems in contemporary democracies.

Ivo van de Wijdeven

Historian and political analyst at the Ministry of General Affairs specialised in states of so called "Visegrad four" - Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland and Hungary. Ivo writes articles for magazines such as De Correspondent, Historisch Nieuwsblad, Geschiedenis Magazine, Clingendael Spectator and is author of several books.

Tomáš Vrba

Dissident and philosopher Tomáš Vrba worked alongside Vaclav Havel and many others on the Human Rights Declaration Charter 77 and participated in Samizdat (forbidden opposition literature) publishing. Tomáš is currently a lecturer at the New York University in Prague and a chairman of the Forum 2000 Foundation board. 

Michal Vašečka

Sociologist with a focus on issues of ethnicity, race, and migration studies. Besides other academic activities, Michal serves as a representative of the Slovak Republic on the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), human rights body of the Council of Europe.

Tomáš Cirhan

PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Leiden. His research deals with new anti-establishment parties, post-communist party systems and rise of populist politics in Eastern Europe.