Andrej Bán is an Award-Winning Press photographer and writing reporter, currently with DennikN. He has written multiple articles on extremism in Slovakia. He has reported on the war in Kosovo and chairs the humanitarian organizaton People in Perill (Človek v tiesni).

Klára Kalibová, PhD is the director of the In IUSTITIA NGO, a lawyer, analyst, and author. Her main focus and expertise is on hate crime, hate speech and victims´ rights. She regularly represents hate crime victims before the courts and is considered one of the most experienced Czech lawyers in the field.

Michal Dzurko is a member of a civil initiative "Not in our City" in Banská Bystrica and member of Radicalization awareness network platform which functions under the auspices of European Commission. His area of expertise political radicalism, extremism and musical subcultures.

Léonie de Jonge is Assistant Professor in European Politics & Society at the University of Groningen. Léonie is interested in right-wing populist parties in Western Europe. Her PhD focused on the success and failure of right-wing populist parties in the Benelux countries.